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Non-no Air Stocking

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Model: Non-no Air Stocking

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A beige, opaque look, this is the right choice for lighter skin types. Looks best with light/pastel color clothing. This our "casual" hosiery, appropriate for daytime at the beach or a picnic.
What is Air Stocking?
Air Stocking is the world's first spray on-silk stocking. It uses a proprietary technology that makes your legs appear as though you're wearing nylons, but without the constric
ting, tight, sometimes uncomfortably warm feeling. You never have to worry about runs or snags again!

How do you apply it?
First, shake the Air Stocking about 10 times. Then spray in small circles while holding the can approximately 7 inches from your legs. Finally, spread Air Stocking evenly over your legs while still moist. It will take 1-2 minutes for Air Stocking to dry into a flawless finish that looks exactly like hose!

How does it work?
Premier Silk's spray on hose (air stockings) combines a rich formula of hydrolyzed silk and specially formulated foundation to smooth your legs appearance and cover up uneven skin tones. It also covers up varicose veins, bruises, and unsightly pores.

How many "pairs of nylons" can each Air Stocking can produce?
Generally one can of Air Stocking will last for between 20 and 25 applications depending on height.

Will it rub off on my clothes?
Freshly applied Air Stocking that has not had a chance to dry will rub/smudge off and can transfer onto clothing. Waiting 1-2 minutes between applying Air Stocking and getting dressed is very important. After Air Stocking has a chance to dry, however, it will only come off with soap and water and WILL NOT transfer onto clothing or furniture.

Will Air Stocking come off if it's raining or of I start perspiring?
No. After Air Stocking has dried it is water resistant and will not come off even on the rainiest or hottest of days.

Can you wear Air Stocking on other body parts?
Technically speaking yes. It is hypoallergenic and won't harm you. However, it will look like you are wearing socking on whatever part of body you spray it on.


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