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Revijour Silicone Gel V Bra

RM 69.90

Weight: 300grams

Model: Revijour Silicone Gel V Bra

Brand: Revijour

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New & Revolutionary Airy Silicone Gel V Bra for heavy-duty! Swimming, bridal outdoor photo shooting, clubbing and now you don't have to worry about the sweat! 

M fits 32A,32B,32C,34A,34B
L fits 34C,36A,36B,36C,36D

Revijour Silicone Gel V Bra heart 
Waterproof! Sweat proof! Best to wear under bikini/swimsuit, bridal gown, sexy party dress. And perfect for swimming, outdoor bridal photo shooting, clubbing or whenever you gonna sweat smiley
It's not the same as first generation silicone. This is light, soft, non toxic, 100% Hypo-allergy, scent free made of medical grade class V non-implantable silicone. 

Advantages: Can be worn under water. Waterproof. Best for small breasts as it can help to create a fuller looking breasts. At the same type it gives sexy cleavage and push up effect. 

Manufactured by Medical Silicone Breasts Factory in Taiwan.
Ultra sticky adhesive and its strong enough to hold yet gentle enough for your delicate skin.
Only the best can promise you the best result! Try Revijour Silicon Gel V Bra today  heart

Waterproof , Sweat proof heart

Idea to wear under bikini, swimsuit, bridal gown, sexy party dresses. Best pair for you to go under the water or dancing in the club! 

Copyright© image by Revijour™ Photo is 100% original and has NOT been photoshop.
We have tested this gel v bra under water for 30 mins. Bra still remain intact and hold firmly heart
This is what we called the quality product.
Unfortunately, with many products that have a rapid growth and successful sales, it opens the market to illegal or counterfeit products sales. As with their illegal other habits, the companies that create these counterfeit products show little regard to consumer safety (such as using industrial glue which is toxic), they lure consumers with lower prices with these low quality. 

Buy ORIGINAL product ONLY heart
How To Wear
The proper method of wearing

Stand straight in front of mirror, stick one side first and make sure it's 90 degree angle. Then stick the other side.

*Gentle reminder: Make sure don't stick both side too far apart, otherwise it will give too much tension to the buckles and eventually both buckles will be pulled off.

Pull both buckles together gently

And donesmiley


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