• Gold Pome L-GLUTATHIONE Anti Acne Whitening Cleanser1

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Gold Pome L-GLUTATHIONE Anti Acne Whitening Cleanser

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Weight: 300grams

Model: Gold Pome L-GLUTATHIONE Anti Acne Whitening Cleanser

Brand: 3 Concept Eyes

Product Ingredients:
Cocoa polyphenols, red pomegranate extract, rose essence, melatonin, five pulse Melaleuca, hydrolyzed pearl. South Korea's latest repair skin so sculpting silver, arbutin and other bleaching agents!

Product of Function:
Cleansing - deep clean, remove the aging dead skin, in addition to mites acne shrink pores, deep whitening

Bath - deep cleansing, body whitening, sun repair, Body, legs, body rejuvenation!

Suitability for:
*A facial and body skin is born is not white or sun tan people
*Summer like to wear tank tops, short skirts, hot pants, MM
*Three long-term outdoor workers or go out to tourists and essential goods.

How To Use:
Apply on the face and body skin portrait of beat caused by absorption.

Take Note:
Wash white is pure plant extracts skin whitening products is a natural whitening process requires a certain cycle, the MM look forward to once or twice immediately whitening, please carefully shot. (Tan about 2-3 weeks; born about 4 weeks skin is black)
Note: the skin, menstrual cycles of 28 days.

Body wash white add pomegranate to melanin composition! Also your white skin!

Body wash white add the pomegranate to the melanin composition! Also your white skin! Hormone-free, without any harmful factor! A locking water, whitening, sedation repair, relieve and soothe the nerves and other effects.

- 1 minutes deep clean without residue, super clean and fresh
- 7 days the whole body whitening became pale and cool
- 10 days compact slack skin
- 720 minutes of your mouth, completely beyond the temptation of the top perfume!

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